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Customer Service

As our customer, we want you to know you can count on us to assist you with all of your concerns and questions about your new or existing display project.


At Garo, we are just as cost conscious as you are when it comes to the bottom line. We are always seeking the best price on raw materials as well as maximizing part yields from them. Additionally we add value to your project with our quick cost estimating and prototype turn around. We will meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements for your particular project with an eye catching design for your budget.


Whether by hand sketch, or photo-realistic rendering, we'll design your display based on your criteria and furnish you with a presentation piece that will help solidify your ideas and decision making as your project begins to take shape. We've got the latest compatible 3D and 2D software on our system. 


After you've approved the design of your display, we'll take it to the next level by creating a prototype that will give you a real-world representation of the final product. 


We have the ability to saw, drill, route, plane, join and laser cut a variety of materials including hard woods,

particulates and plastics



Whether it's clear coating, staining, or painting - we've got you covered. These are but a few of the many finishes we offer on our new system. We also offer powder coating on both metal and non-metallic surfaces in a wide variety of colors and finishes.


Our silkscreening service includes the traditional screening method, but our drying process is much faster as we use UV curable inks that are exposed to UV light in our automated conveyor.


Our assembly personnel have years of experience in putting together displays of all shapes and sizes.

Attention to detail and quality construction are paramount.


We are a full service one-stop shop, taking care of all your fulfillment needs. Whether its loading product, rollouts, daily FedEx, UPS, or LTL shipping - we're on top of it. Custom foam pads, corrugate wraps & boxes, custom pallets, and plastic pallets for overseas shipping are some of the ways our experienced crew assures your product arrives safely every time. Drop shipping is available worldwide - you name the place, we've shipped it there. Local delivery is always included in our pricing. Saving you time and money getting your product from point A to B is the icing on the cake when you look to Garo for your display needs.

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